Information Consumption, through Donald Kerry Frey

January 30, 2017
Tech entrepreneur Donald Kerry Frey has always had a passion for information and he has always tried to nurture that. Information is the key to success, and he believes it is very possible that everyone can live a better life if they are to better able to understand the information they consume, especially of they are able to learn better how to use that information to make the world a better place. That is the overarching purpose that drove
Donald Kerry Frey to establish and develop two websites; Frey Robotics (, which seeks to better inform its readers as to the latest developments in the technology industry, so that they are less anxious and more accepting of technology developments; and the Nova Tribune (, which seeks to present the news in a way that takes into account all possible arguments, rather than the one-sided news delivery that dominates most sites.

Overall, Donald Kerry Frey believes strongly that a balanced approach to information is always the best way to create an informed citizenry. He is quite confident that his approach to information, combined with his background as a tech entrepreneur will provide him with the wisdom and the resources to make successes of both Frey Robotics and The Nova Tribune for years to come.

Donald Kerry Frey and The Nova Tribune

July 28, 2016
If you have been looking for an online news source that presents current issues evenly, it is time to check out The Nova Tribune. Before Donald Kerry Frey founded The Nova Tribune (, there were no sites in which one could read articles that presented both sides of the issues with both parties opinions being represented evenly so that you, the reader, could make an opinion of your own. Donald Kerry Frey believed in creating a space where readers could go and hear the information that allows the public to form an educated opinion without bias. Many news stories and articles today are biased by personal opinions or simply motivated by personal issues. This is where the inspiration for the founding of The Nova Tribune came from: to provide the public with a website that offers people news, entertainment, music, and fashion articles from a plethora of sources and backgrounds.
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